Thank you for selecting Synergy Dispute Resolutions to assist you in mediating or arbitrating your dispute.  Because we strive to offer the highest quality ADR services to our clients, we would appreciate receiving feedback from you regarding our performance.

Please use the following rate scale to determine a rating for each applicable category.  Under the “Comments” section, please discuss specifically areas of strength or weakness.

5 = Excellent | 4 = Highly Competent | 3 = Satisfactory | 2 = Needs improvement | 1 = Unsatisfactory | 0 = Not applicable


 Scheduled in a timely manner
 Scheduled at a date, time and location convenient to parties


 Provided welcome and opening comments
 Explained mediation process
 Established and maintained control of mediation
 Listened attentively and actively
 Understood and clarified the issues
 Accurately and briefly summarized information and concerns
 Helped parties understand one another’s position
 Balanced time and focus between parties
 Identified common ground
 Helped parties generate and analyze options for settlement
 Facilitated negotiation and bargaining
 Drafted agreement that addressed all issues


 Provided opening comments
 Explained arbitration process
 Established and maintained control of arbitration
 Listened attentively and actively
 Understood issues in the case
 Treated parties with dignity
 Remained impartial throughout proceedings
 Did not interfere with parties’ presentation of case
 Decision rendered in a timely fashion
  Provided parties with an efficient and cost-effective alternative to litigation

Comments about your ADR experience:



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